Chew The Fat Off Review

Chew The Fat Off Review There has been some buzz about this company because it didn’t launch too long ago. Maybe you were approached by someone or it’s possible someone sent you a link through Facebook or some other Social media site. Now you are here because you want to know if this company is actually legit or not right?

Awesome! You came to the right place because I am going to put some rumors to rest by strolling you through the company, the products and compensation program so you can construct the right decision. Let’s jump in this shall we?

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Chew The Fat Off Review- The Company

chew the fat off reviewChew The Fat Off is the brain child of a man named Stuart Finger who launched the company late 2015. It’s also based in California in the USA.

Steve Finger, Stuarts’s brother, is the CEO of the company…

On their website, there is a nice corporate bio on him…

Stuart Finger, Founder of Chew The Fat Off, has been a successful network marketer and company proprietor since 1989.

He achieved a high ranking posture in his first company and the top posture in his second company, constructing teams of many thousands of people.

He then owned and operated his own successful company for 18 years with thousands and thousands of distributors and hundreds of thousands of customers.

Stuart Finger in the past was the CEO of a company called CBG (Guided By God) and has been moving since 1996.

I am not sure if the company exists today Now Let’s take a look at the products. Pay close attention now


The Chew The Fat Off Reviews – The Product Line


Like the name proposes, the specialize in the weight loss niche with their flag ship product being ShakeOff. Here is a quick description on their Shakeoff products…

Shake0ff meal substitution shakes are different.

Yes, they are delicious, which is important because when you like something you will naturally keep taking it- even if it is good for you.

More importantly though, these shakes are totally nutritious and are perfectly balanced with everything your body needs to perform optimally and liberate excess fat.

They contain whey protein isolate, pea protein, Sunfiber, a unique mixture of vitamins and minerals, natural flavors and no artificial sweeteners.


the chew the fat off reviewsThey are also 100% Gluten-Free!

ShakeOff costs $79.97 and includes 26 snack servings…

Here are their other products…

ChewOff ($ 49.97 for a bottle of 52 tablets)-” chocolate flavored, power packed, healthy bite-sized snacks”
Super7 ($ 49.97 for a bottle of 60 chewable tablets)-” a delicious mixture of the world’s 7 major Super Fruits; Amalaki, Acai, Goji, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Blueberry and Cranberry”
DrinkOff ($ 29.97 for 600 refill bottle)-” ideal personal sea consumption machine featuring the ionic absorption micro filtration system” ShakeOff Shaker Cup ($ 1.97)- plastic cup

Also note, there are Chew The Fat OFF products bundled in monthly packages…

Get Fit Starter Package ($ 199.97)-” includes everything you need for your first month, including 1 Chew0ff, 2 Shake0ffs, 1 Drink0ff and 1 shaker beaker

Complete Get Fit Starter Package ($ 239.97)- as above with a bottle of Super7

Complete Get Fit Package ($ 219.97)-” includes 1 Chew0ff, 1 Super7 and 2 Shake0ffs

Get Fit Package ($ 174.97)-” the package that you’ll require after your first month while you’re still trying to reach your goal weight”
Complete Stay Fit Package ($ 144.97)-” specifically designed to help maintain your goal weight by replacing simply 1 meal every day”
Stay Fit Package- as above, minus bottle of Super7 Alright…

Let’s take a look at the compensation plan…

Chew The Fat Off- The Compensation Plan

This is where the big bucks are stimulate in Network Marketing…

Sponsoring as many people as possible selling the products of course.

I really wish there was a video done by Chew The Fat Off, but couldn’t find any on Youtube…

I guess you have to deal with me typing it out for you LOL.

Chew The Fat Off operates a 3×3 matrix with a Unilevel for residuals.

Qualification Involved To Earn Committees:

You must be on the monthly automobile ship( One of those bundled monthly bundles will do ).

I haven’t seen the minimum quantity you need…

Chew The Fat Off Ranks:

Overall, there are seven affiliate ranks in the compensation plan…

Here is a breakdown with their qualifications…

1st Level Manager- Make a sale to one retail patron or recruited affiliate

2nd Level Manager- Maintain at the least two retail patrons or recruited affiliates

Senior Manager- Preserve at the least three retail patrons or recruited affiliates

Executive Manager- Maintain at least seven retail patrons or recruited affiliates

Vice President- Have a total downline volume of $25,000 a month
Senior Vice President- Have a total downline volume of $50,000 a month

Executive Vice President- Have a total downline volume of $100,000 a month


Matrix Committees

Like I said earlier, Chew The Fat Off operates off a 3×3 Matrix…

Which looks like this:

Level 1: 3 Positions
Level 2: 9 Positions
Level 3: 27 Positions

Commissions are paid 50% on the cost paid for the products overall..

Now, the compensation program doesn’t disclose the Level 2 or 3 commissions. Residual Commissions

If the customer or affiliate continues to order products from Chew The Fat off, 20% is paid on the 50% of the buy cost each month…

Good thing is you don’t need an affiliate to qualify for this…

It can be simply pure customers. Unilevel Committees:

On top of the matrix programme, you get paid in their unilevel as well. Unilevel looks something like


Level 1: Your personally enrolled members( Infinite wide-ranging)
Level 2: Your Level 1 personally recruited members( Infinite wide-ranging)
Level 3: Your Level 2′ s personally recruited members( Infinite wide-ranging) You get the picture right?

Chew The Fat Off pays 21 levels overall. It looks something like this…

1st Level Manager- 1% on degree 1

2nd Level Manager- 1% on degree 1 and 2% on degree 2
Senior Manager- 1% on degree 1, 2% on degree 2, 3% on degree 3, 5% on degree 4, 10% on degree 5, 15% on degree 6 and 20% on degree 7

Executive Manager- 1% on degree 1, 2% on degree 2, 3% on degree 3, 5% on degree 4, 10% on degree 5, 15% on degree 6, 20% on degree 7 and 1% on levels 8 to 14

Vice President or higher- 1% on degree 1, 2% on degree 2, 3% on degree 3, 5% on degree 4, 10% on degree 5, 15% on degree 6, 20% on degree 7, 1% on levels 8 to 14 and 1% on levels 15 to 21

Infinity Bonus Pay

The good news is the affiliate membership is free, but you have to buy a certain amount of products to qualify to earn commissions.

Now the minimum isn’t disclosed so I have no idea what that quantity is.


Chew The Fat Off Review- The Conclusion


The moment you have been waiting for So is this company a swindle Honestly It’s not a scam. It has products you can buy and pushes the retail side as well. The big hurdle is this The big money isn’t in the retail sales. It’s in recruiting people and 98% of people suck at that.

So if your sick and tired of recruiting and want someone else to do that part You will get a personal coach-and-four that will close every single member for you.

All you have to do is follow their leading and that’s it! You will go to” adoration it Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Chew The Fat Off Review